Winter 2017 Restaurant Week!


Let's be honest, January can feel like a bit of a drag. You've dismantled your holiday decor, tightened your belt, and resolved to work out more/eat fewer sweets/read the classics/learn to play the ukulele (maybe that last one is a personal resolution...). The days are short and cold, and the news coming across the wire has been rather grim. But hark! A warm, bright light shines at the horizon: Winter Restaurant Week starts on Friday, January 20th, and this year runs for a full TEN days of glorious prix fixe celebration citywide. We are pulling out all the stops this year in bringing you a menu that melds classic preparations with innovative twists and nods to everything that makes Bizou great: French technique, Southern soul, local ingredients, and flourishes from the Latin and Italian heritage of the folks on the line bringing our concept to life. We can't wait to pack the house with customers old and new at the end of the month for what promises to be a stunning iteration of Restaurant Week, with tremendous wine specials and delightful daily additions to the menu. Reservations accepted for groups of up to six guests, and should be made by telephone conversation only. Give us a call at (434) 977-1818 to book today!