Our Story

We absolutely love what we do, and we can't wait to share it with you.

About Us

Bizou opened its doors in 1996, the brainchild of co-owners and chefs Vincent Derquenne and Timothy Burgess. Housed in the space previously occupied by their first restaurant venture, the famed Metropolitain, Bizou was conceived as an establishment with high-calibre food and beverage in a comfortable, informal setting. Seventeen years later, their vision continues to flourish, attracting hundreds of excited diners both new and regular every week. What is the secret to our success? Perhaps it has something to do with the unbelievable choreography executed every night by our chefs on the tiny, open line in the narrow entrance foyer. Certainly the quirky, vintage dining room and breezy patio right in the heart of downtown pedestrian bustle are welcoming. We're certain that our front-of-house staff's charming service and extensive menu knowledge keep customers coming back time and again. However, the real magic is in the meals themselves.

Food Focused

Bizou is food focused, and always has been. We've never lost sight of the original concept devised by Tim and Vincent, because they both continue to create new dishes, prep pastry and cook on the line regularly. We offer certain beloved classics year-round, while the rest of our menu offerings shift gracefully with the seasons. We source much of our protein, produce and herbs locally, and virtually all of our pastry is done in house--a fantastic, memorable way to conclude a meal. The beverage program keeps pace with our eclectic, inventive food. The wine list is approachable and dynamic, and our servers are eager to recommend a great pairing from an ever-evolving selection of unusual treasures both old world and new. We also offer an extensive selection of beer, with a strong showing from local breweries. If you take a seat at the long, polished old wood bar, you can watch as our skillful bartenders concoct seasonally-inspired specialty cocktails that are delightful as an aperitif or alongside your meal.

Ultimately, Bizou's longevity and venerable status in a foodie-fueled city stems from a unique intersection of comfort, quality, and innovation.