Classic Virginian dishes. French culinary techniques. Multicultural interpretations.

We are committed to sourcing our food locally and sustainably. Our scratch kitchen allows us to get creative with the menu, and our diverse staff of culinary artists draw inspiration from seasonal ingredients, their individual cultures, and one another. Bizou's longevity and venerable status in a foodie-fueled city stems from a unique intersection of comfort, quality, and innovation.


Bold. Eclectic. Approachable. 

Our wine program, carefully curated by Vincent Derquenne and Rachel Gendreau, keeps pace with our eclectic, inventive food. Vincent and Rachel aim to provide an array of approachable, high-quality, beautiful wines to suit a variety of dining experiences. Wines offered by the glass invite guests to explore different regions and grape varietals. Our extensive bottle list provides options from an ever-evolving selection of unusual treasures, both old world and new. Our servers are eager to escort you through the sundry terrains, countries, and climates in finding your perfect pairing; and, they are equally pleased to watch you take the reigns. 

Wine is an experience we hope to make an adventure. 





Passionate. Collaborative. Diverse.

Although food is our first and foremost priority, the people of Bizou are the heart  keeping the restaurant alive. The unbelievable choreography executed every night by our chefs on the tiny, open line, greet you in the entrance foyer. Hailing from different nations, with diverse life experiences and culinary traditions, our chefs come together in collaboration to design the innovative, creative, and original dishes which are the pride of our establishment. Front-of-house staff is well versed in our ever-changing menu and undergoes continuous wine schooling, in the pursuit of providing a stellar dining experience. Communication, collaboration, and shared passion are the hallmarks of Bizou's culture. 

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Quirky, vintage dining room. Breezy patio in the heart of the downtown pedestrian bustle.

Bizou opened its doors in 1996, the brainchild of co-owners and chefs Vincent Derquenne and Timothy Burgess. Housed in the space formerly occupied by the divey Fat City Diner, jukeboxes, booths, and old-timey film posters line the walls. Our outdoor patio offers a lively, open air dining experience for people-watching, enjoying Charlottesville's beautiful weather, and engaging with the downtown community. Committed to serving high-calibre food and beverage in a comfortable, informal setting, Bizou continues the legacy of the dream team's first restaurant venture: the famed Metropolitan



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